Monday, May 31, 2010


This is a neon sign that has been on a Motel that has been in Ashland for many years. It is across from the University and is always full. It is really a cute place with large gardens and remodeled to look the same as when it was first built.
I am getting hard up for Ruby photos!!!!!!

Be sure and visit all the other wonderful Ruby Tuesday entries and have a wonderful day!


  1. Happy RT. I love it when motels take the time to make the place "homey". Not too many people care these days. Cute shot. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This is my own funny joke. I went to Canada when I was twenty from Borneo. We didn't have motels in Borneo. When I saw the VACANCIES sign , I thought they had job vacancies.

  3. Love the shape of that sign complementing the shingled? roofline! Most inviting!

  4. Actually....I really LIKE your back light on the car...with the "Focus" on it. Clearly perfect for picture taking don't you think?

    My Ruby Tuesday is RED ROSES for a Blue Gent!! I do hope you can drop in for a visit; if you have the time.

  5. Like how they spell kitchens, its cute! Happy Tuesday!

    BM-Memorial day

  6. That's a great neon sign. I like it when the old signs are kept. So many of the great neon has disappeared.

  7. Thanks for sharing the motel sign and story.
    Glad to hear it is always full.